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How to get there


By car:

It takes 2 hours and 10 minutes on motorway M3 and M35 (E71 and E79) from Budapest to Debrecen. The motorway is a toll road, cost is 3500 HUF (12 EUR) for 10 days. You can purchase it on-line (https://e-autopalyamatrica.hu/en/kosar) or at the gas stations. Directions to Divinus Hotel: H–4032 Debrecen, Nagyerdei krt. 1. GPS coordinates: N 47.54928 E 21.629502.

Flights to Debrecen Airport:

Direct flights are available to Debrecen from Munich (Lufthansa) and
from 14 other European cities (By Wizzair, https://wizzair.com). From Debrecen Airport to the city:By taxi: Taxi stations are all around the city (at the airport and railway station, too) or you can call a cab (+36 (country code) 52 555 555 or +36 52 444 444). From the airport to the hotel is costs about 14 EUR and in most cabs bank card payment is optional.
By bus: If you arrive at Debrecen Airport by plane then you need to get on the Airport1 or Airport2 bus (Timetable), buy a ticket for 500 HUF and then get off after approximately 13 minutes at bus stop “Nagyállomás” (Debrecen train station). Then follow “From Debrecen main railway station (Nagyállomás)”

From Debrecen main railway station (Nagyállomás) to the city:
Take tram #1 from the train station (“Nagyállomás”) to the hotel (Nagyerdei körút station, 15th) or to the University of Debrecen (“Egyetem” station, 20th). No train service between 4:50 AM and 11:00 PM. Do not forget to buy a ticket for 400 HUF from the driver and also to validate it. See public transportation in Debrecen: https://www.dkv.hu/fooldal


By minivan from Budapest Airport:

From Budapest to Debrecen the following door-to-door minivan services are available (cost about 35 EUR one way):

Agora Transzfer: https://www.agoratrans.hu or

Civis transfer:


You are kindly requested to make your transfer reservation individualy.

By train from the Budapest Airport:

If you arrive in Budapest by air then you will land at Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport Terminal 2A or 2B. Unfortunately, you cannot take a direct train to Debrecen from the Airport. It takes 2:30 minutes to get to Debrecen from Budapest Liszt Ferenc Airport or from Budapest Nyugati Railway Station.
The public transport company of Budapest (BKV or BKK) has a bus that takes you to the train station. You will find it just outside the terminals, between the terminals. The bus is numbered 200E, it is painted light blue, the public transport buses have BKV or BKK on them, and usually, they are a bit older buses. Its end stop is called: Kőbánya-Kispest. The bus departs in every 6-8 minutes from the airport. You don’t need to take a shuttle service or a taxi, they would cost you much more. Inside the terminal, you can find ATMs to withdraw Hungarian Forints.
DON’T FORGET TO BUY TICKETS FOR THE BUS! If you buy the ticket in advance from the Ticket Vending Machines next to it, then it costs 350 HUF but if buy it from the bus driver then it costs 450 HUF. On the bus, you also need to validate your ticket. If you do not have a ticket or have not validated it, and you are caught by the controller, you will have to pay a fine of 16,000 HUF, so better safe than sorry!
To reach the train station, you need to get off at the 5th stop, called “Ferihegy vasútállomás” (Ferihegy Airport was the former name of Liszt Ferenc Airport, so that is why you can come across the former name at a few places. Ferihegy train station, also introduced in English on the bus and a short form will be used on the screen: Ferihegy vá.) Schedule of bus 200E is here: https://bkk.hu/apps/menetrend/pdf/2005/20180616/11.pdf
You need to cross the street on the bridge above it. There are only two platforms: A and B. Your train will depart from Platform A. On this platform you will find a Ticket Vending Machine, so you can purchase your train ticket to Debrecen.
Tickets can be purchased at the train station or you can get it in advance on-line: Hungarian Railway schedule (ELVIRA): http://elvira.mav-start.hu/. There are trains in every hour. Seat reservation is obligatory for Intercity Trains.
• Full price: from Ferihegy: 4,195 HUF; from Nyugati: 4,485 HUF
• 50% discount: from Ferihegy: 2,355 HUF; from Nyugati: 2,515 HUF (you get discount only from the normal ticket, the extra ticket costs the same, 540 HUF)
• 33% discount: from Ferihegy: 2,975 HUF; from Nyugati: 3,185 HUF
Who can get 50% discount? Students of the European Union (you don’t have to be a citizen of the EU, you just need to study at a university that is in the EU)
Who can get 33% discount? People younger than 26 years, ONLY on Fri-Sat-Sun. You must have an ID Card/passport with you to prove your age and there must be a photo on the card as well.

If you do NOT arrive in Budapest by plane:

If you do not arrive in Budapest by plane, you also need to catch a train to Debrecen from train station called “Nyugati pályaudvar ”(Western Railway Station in English). Nyugati can be reached quite easily by metro and you need to buy only ONE TICKET even if you change metro lines (only in case if you change where the metro lines meet each other and you do not have to come up to the street level – thus you do not need to go through the validating gates again). You can buy your ticket for 350 HUF from the Ticket Vending Machines that are at the metro gates. You may use your credit card to pay for your tickets. Check train schedules from Nyugati Pályaudvar to Debrecen here: http://elvira.mav-start.hu/elvira.dll/x/index?language=2. See the ticket prices and availability at the section above.

If you arrive by train:

If you wish to go to the Nyugati Railway Station from “Keleti pályaudvar” (Eastern Railway Station) train station, you need to take Metro number 4 (green line) towards “Kelenföld vasútállomás”, get off at the third station called “Kálvin tér” and change to Metro line 3 (blue line) towards “Újpest-központ” and travel 4 more stations until “Nyugati pályaudvar”.
If you want to reach Nyugati from “Déli pályaudvar”, you need to take Metro number 2 (red line) towards “Örs vezér tere” square and get off at the fourth station called “Deák Ferenc tér” where you need to change to Metro number 3 (blue line) towards “Újpest-központ” and get off at the second station that is “Nyugati pályaudvar”.

If you arrive by bus:

If you arrive by an international coach to “Népliget” bus station and if you want to get the the Nyugati pályaudvar (Nyugati Railway Station) then you just have to take Metro number 3 (blue line), travel until the eighth station and you will already be at the Nyugati train station.
Once you arrived successfully at the “Nyugati pályaudvar”, you only need to catch a train towards Debrecen. You can read more about these trains under the sections above.

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